Assistive Technology 4 You

Struggling with with reading or writing? Take a look at a few assistive technology ideas that could help.

Rubber Band Pencil Grip

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In an article found on “Your Kids OT” one can learn quite a bit about pencil grips – when and how to choose one.  They state “a pencil grip is a small foam or molded plastic attachment to a pencil to help a child (or adult) to have a functional grasp of the pencil.  There are several on the market and one size does NOT fit all.” (

Thanks to an OT colleague of mine I have found a pencil grip that is easy to customize.  You heard me right – customize.  You can place it at any point on the pen or pencil, have it be as think or thin as you need.  What is it? A rubber band.

Pencil Grip assortment

Pencil grips come in all makes and models and it may take a while to find just the right fit.  However, the rubber band grip is easy to modify.  Choose a thick, thin rubber band and wrap around until it doesn’t fall off.  You can spread it out to fit your individual need. I can’t really think of a weakness for this tool, except it may break once in a while.



I trialed several different thicknesses and found that that a narrower width felt comfortable for me.  I spread it out to a uniform width.  I like that in a pinch any one can grab a rubber band and have a useable pencil grip.




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